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There are over long almost hours audio lessons, from basic concepts to advanced. The lecture notes are available in Softcopy of the summary of lessons compiled : books in PDF format and they are compiled by his sjcBoston students.

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Do Homam by Yourself! Narendra Dabholkar. He was an activist from organization Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti. David Koch writes on Vedic Astrology - critically examined with referring to another lecture "Vedic Astrology"? Scanned Books related to astrology For others, see general scannedbooks section Jyotish, Astrology Digital Library of India has over older non-copyright books on the subject of jyotish search jyotis for wider picks in different languages.

The list is placed in here for convenience. Use dlidownload software mentioned in scannedbooks page to download these as images are posted per page. Some of the books are posted on archive. Write to sanskrit cheerful. This consists of short essays all in Sanskrit on various topics related to Jyotisha. The text includes references to different texts when applicable with authors mentioned.

Jyotisasiddhantasangrahah, somasiddhanta and brahmasiddhanta edited by V. We are not sure of their copyrights status, so, although free, the reader is alerted to use discretion to preserve intellectual properties. Considering the types and qualities of books, it is certainly their service along with the business by attracting subscribers.

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Lal Kitab 3rd part by Pt. What is the meaning of moles on body?

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We shall begin by describing the meanings of moles located on various parts of the body. However, the meanings also apply to female persons. Nevertheless, when a meaning applies only to one gender, i. A mole on head is actually located on the scalp of the head.

So, the meaning of moles on head is the same as mole on scalp meanings. A mole on head may be hidden by your hair and may only visible if your head is shaved. Otherwise, it will be hidden and may not be seen easily. Nevertheless, the meaning of a mole on head still holds even when it is hidden under the hair. The following are the meanings of a mole located on head or scalp of head:. Moles on face are located at different positions within the face and have various meanings.

The meaning of a mole on face depends on where exactly on the face the mole lies. The face has many features.

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Opposite from there, in Makara Capricorn it is least auspicious and called debilitated. Dictionary Apps Android. James [] : Engineer Rameshwar Prasad B. A native with Jupiter retrograde in their natal chart will tend to have an innate sense of righteousness, morality, faith, and wisdom beyond their years. April

Therefore, to conveniently present the details on the meanings of moles on face, we will break down the features into individual parts. We shall then separately analyze the meaning moles associated with each of the features.

A mole in the left eye indicates arrogance and infidelity. A mole on the left eyebrow indicates bad luck. A mole on the right side of the nose signifies easy wealth. Mole located by or in mouth have various meanings. These moles are found on the tongue or on the lips.


A mole on the lower lip denotes good appetite and art. A mole on the left shoulder suggests hostility.

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A mole on palm signifies obstruction. There are different meanings for moles located at various parts on the legs, including right and left calf, and right and left ankle:.

A mole on the left foot signifies spouse problems. Mole astrology is the belief that planets influence the formation of moles. Also, it involves the practice of studying moles in the attempt to foretell the destiny that awaits that individual. Mole astrology for female body may differ from the one for male body. Also, there are different mole astrology for moles located at different locations.

For example, there is mole on face astrology. A good luck mole on an individual signifies fortunes and pleasant experiences the individual will undergo.

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Similarly, a bad luck mole on an individual point to misfortunes and difficulties that the individual will experience. Although most of the experiences affect both males and females, some interpretations that only affect females while others only affect males. What is the significance of mole meanings?