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Personality Traits of a Taurus

We kicked off a new astrological year with the sign of the ram last month, and it put a fire under all of us when it came to starting new projects and speaking our minds. But it's time to switch gears, because the sun is moving into the sign of bull on April 20 and officially kicking off Taurus season As a fixed earth sign, Taurus energy tends to be grounded, slow-moving, and very much rooted in the physical realm. And given that this sign is ruled by Venus, its energy is very sensual — Taurus loves the luxurious earthly pleasures.

Think rich food and drinks, sensual massages, long lazy naps, high-thread-count sheets, expensive scented candles, the works. But Taurus isn't only here to help us soak up the many luxuries of the senses. It's also here to help us plan for the future. With Taurus energy, slow and steady often wins the race — which is a major energetic departure from the impulsive, fearless, charge-ahead vibe of Aries season. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust about what to expect during the upcoming sun season. Working hard and reaping the benefits of our hard efforts will elevate us to embrace the earthy spirit of the lovely Bull.

Of course, the coming month will bring all different sorts of ups and downs for everyone, so here's what Taurus season means for each zodiac sign so you can grab a sneak peek of what's in store. Venus-ruled Taurus may be at the helm, but don't go overboard in the luxury department, Aries. A little frugality now will bode well for a more free-spirited summer. I have faith that you can reign in the impulsiveness for a later payoff. You're going to have an extra pep in your step and a sparkle in your eye, so use your charms to make as much magic happen during this transit as possible.

Enjoy your time in the sun soaking up springtime merriments," shares Stardust. Sing in the rain through April's showers and prepare for the sweet-smelling bloomage of May flowers. You're still on your big-deal quest for spiritual growth this season, Gem, and you're all up in your head given your airy, intellectual nature. But try calling on Taurus' earthy, sensual vibe to help ground you in your practice. Focus on mind, body, and spirit self-care. Taurus is often called upon for advice because they are full of common sense.

Taurus individual is well known for their logical thinking and it is for the reason that they often find themselves being called upon by friends and family who are in need of good advice. Taurus is generally one of the most generous, patient people you will ever meet. They are loyal individuals who love to maintain relationships. They are highly caring and compassionate. A natural-born team leader, Taurus have strong observational and understanding skills.

Taurus Zodiac Sign – Qualities, Dark Side, Personality and Lessons

They have the ability to map out, strategize and solve problems or implement plans. Would you like to know more about Taurus? Click Here Kind Taurus is very kind, and because of this open-armed kindness, people find them wonderfully comfortable to be with. Taurus always live for the people they care about.

Taurus individual is not afraid to wait. Only a few can play the waiting game longer and better than Taurus. They have patience and can wait for the results to come.

They are extremely patient and dependable along the way. Taurus individuals tend to be very dependent on relationships, very jealous and overly concerned with acquiring wealth in order to make their lives more comfortable. Despite their reputation for being aggressive and angry Taurus is quite lazy and laid back for the most part.

The Taurus Symbol: The Bull

They have a calm demeanour and presence about them. They love to take time away from the daily grind to relax and enjoy life. Taurus has a stubborn side that doesn't back down easily. They can be a stubborn creature at times, especially when they truly believe that they are right. It can take a lot of them to change their mind when they are convinced of something. They are very strong-minded individuals. Taurus always strives for comfort and luxury life.

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They are full of grand plans to make it big and live the good and luxurious life. They often have a taste for the finer things in life.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

They usually work hard so that they see no problem with indulging themselves from time to time. Sometimes, their connection to the material world can make them a bit possessive with both people and things. Taurus lack maturity and have low self-esteem. Understanding the characteristics of an Taurus will help you build better relationships. Taurus is a complex combo of toughness and sensitivity.

Taurus Sign Dates & Traits

Taurus usually take time to declare their love and the need to make sure of their feelings and the other person is quite strong. Taurus is quite traditional in seeking and maintaining relationships. Taurus relationships are long-lasting as they are devoted and fiercely loyal to their partners. If they are betrayed, the level of hurt is very high, and they are unlikely to forgive or forget easily.

Taurus is always ready to commit, but slow to take the initiative. Commitment is very important for the Taurus in Love, they prefer to work things out if at all possible. You probably won't find anyone more devoted and committed to a relationship than Taurus.

A Summary of the Taurus Zodiac Sign

They fight to maintain a good relationship and put in a lot of effort when it comes to their loved ones. Commitment is very important for the Taurus in Love , they prefer to work things out if at all possible.

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Taurus is considered a family loving and very faithful partner. Family is always the first priority for Taurus. Taurus are helpful, supportive and always keep their promises.

Taurus never misses family events; they cherish time spent together with loved ones. Taurus is deeply involved in household matters and very protective of their family members. Taurus make loyal companions and never forget their old friends. They will enjoy hosting house parties where friends and family can come together. Many of the Taurus friendships begin in childhood with a tendency to last them for a lifetime.

Taurus individual will do anything they can to help their friends in the hard times. Taurus find their happiness in the simplicity of life and one of their favourite things to do is get their friends and family together for a good meal. Taurus is a smart and well-respected leader who is great at delegating and giving credits when others deserve it. They can be incredibly creative when given the time and opportunity to do so. The loyal, dedicated sign of the bull is a natural hard worker and excellent earner.

Luxurious accessories are a consistent reminder of hard work and effort of Taurus individual. With persistence and thoroughness, Taurus individual undoubtedly is able to build a sound career. In general, Taurus is often described as good with money. Practical nature of Taurus makes them good at saving money. Taurus is attracted to sound investment strategies that promise to pay off nicely over the long term. While Taurus individuals are certainly a challenge, but they are not completely impossible to attract.

So if you are looking to attract Taurus in your life, here are some foolproof ways to attract Taurus. Taurus individuals are very cautious.

One cannot expect Taurus individual to jump head-on into the relationship. Look Your Best : Although down to earth, Taurus individuals care about appearances. So to attract them you need to be well dressed up because faded outfits and unbrushed hair won't impress Taurus.

They like sharp dressers. Keep it real and be direct : Taurus individuals are straightforward and hate being overdramatic when things can be solved with clear communication and efficient procedure.