Capricorn monkey love horoscope

Year of the Monkey

As lovers, the Pig and Rat make a wonderful pair.

12222 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Monkey

In addition to their emotional rapport, these two enjoy financial abundance. Prosperous Pigs attract money wherever they go, while clever Rats find ways to increase this fortune through investments and business ventures. If the Rat gets over their tight-fisted ways, these two will enjoy a relaxing life filled with sensual pleasures.

Monthly Horoscope for Monkeys in 12222

Their home is messy but hospitable, filled with comfortable furnishings. Platonically, the Pig and Rat are well suited. These two are extremely sociable, and like going to parties together. These pals are a good influence on each other. The generous Pigs teach the Rats to spread their wealth around, instead of hoarding it. Meanwhile, the cunning Rat can alert the naive Pig to potential predators.

The Pig and Rat are also good travel partners, as they both enjoy meeting new people and exploring unfamiliar vistas. As far as sex is concerned, these two get along like a house on fire. Sensual Pigs love how the Rat lingers over their erogenous zones. These two enjoy cuddling almost as much as the sex itself. These two sensualists feel an instant attraction to one another. The Ox enchants the Pig with its excellent taste in art, music, movies, and books. These two will create a beautiful home together that features great views and plush furnishings.

Yes, Pigs can be stubborn about getting their way.

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Oxen, meanwhile, can become incredibly irritable when forced to change direction. If these two learn to become more flexible, their romance will feel like a perpetual honeymoon. As friends, the Pig and Ox hit it off fine. Both of these signs enjoy nature, and may go on lots of hikes and camping excursions together. The honest Pig will tell the Ox if a particular project is worthwhile or needs improvement. Similarly, the dexterous Ox can teach the Pig a whole variety of skills.


These two are always pushing each other to go further. Together, they can fulfill their respective potentials. With regard to sex, the Pig and Ox find great satisfaction. The sultry Pig knows how to get a rise out of the Ox.

Monkey Horoscope 12222 Predictions For Year Of The Pig Chinese Zodiac

Capricorn Monkey — Personality & Traits in Combined Horoscope. Chinese and Western Signs Combination in Astrology: Love & Relationship, Career & Goals. Capricorn Monkey: The Inquisitive Charmer Of The Chinese Western and now that the arrow of love has struck their heart, it's clear what.

Although there are significant differences between the Pig and Tiger, these two can find love together. The Pig and Tiger work well as friends, too. These two have lots of fun going to clubs and parties, with the Tiger holding center stage and the Pig bringing up the rear. This is a friendship marked by warmth, affection, and generosity. Sexually, the Pig and Tiger generate plenty of sparks. The Pig loves nothing more than lavishing the Tiger with kisses, cuddles and praise. The Tiger is strongly aroused by this style of seduction, and pounces on the Pig at every opportunity.

These two are energetic lovers who can burn lots of calories between the sheets. Loving your Chinese compatibility?


This sexy duo has no trouble linking hearts and minds. In fact, these lovers can help each other overcome these problems altogether. Platonically, the Pig and Rabbit are well suited. Both cherish their friends and family, and may blend social circles to double their pleasure. At times, the Pig will tease the Rabbit for being a snob, while the Rabbit will prod the Pig about being a slob.

Still, these pals are usually too busy having fun to give each other grief. With regard to sex, the Pig and Rabbit have some work to do.

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Thus, Monkey became ninth. Hi, if you were born in , then this was the year of Rooster and the boy who was born in belongs to the year of Horse. Consisting of six men and two women, the legend says that they were sent from the heavens to help people in their ambition and aspiration to win wealth, fame, health, and knowledge. Sorry, I have mistaken it. Their marriage life will be sweet and stable. July wants you to be forceful and take the bulls by the horn.

Conversely, Rabbits are very shy, and have difficulty tapping into their sexual desires. With a little help from the Pig, the Rabbit can become more comfortable in bed. After their initial reserve has melted, Rabbits prove to be passionate and satisfying lovers for Pigs. The Pig and Dragon are extremely well suited as far as romance is concerned. Similarly, the ambitious Dragon is happy to let the lackadaisical Pig stay at home.

Capricorn / Monkey Western & Eastern Astrology Combination

Pigs show their thanks by creating a lavish, beautiful home that is a reflection of their mutual love of luxury. These signs are lucky to have found each other, and are fully aware of it! As friends, the Pig and Dragon are a bit more challenged.

If each cuts the other a little slack, they can be good friends. The Pig is happy to provide comfort and love for the brave Dragon, who often gets bruised in battle. Sexually, the Pig and Dragon are drawn to each other like magnets. That is, of course, if the Dragon continues to keep the Pig in style. Hey, fair is fair! If the Pig and Snake become lovers, they face a rocky road. Although they both share a love of luxury, neither one of them is interested in slaving away at an office.

Fortunately, the Snake is lucky at attracting wealth, and can create a beautiful home for them both. These two cherish their friends and family, and will probably entertain them with a series of sumptuous dinner parties. Still, this restraint will create lots of tension between them.