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By , who will occupy your House 7 will be Neptune. It is a powerful position for Neptune, as it will be in his house and his sign, and therefore will be very powerful for you as well. This is a good sign for love and that affective and social life will be fine.

You are an idealistic person and always aim for the best in love. Now those ideals will get even higher because Neptune will refine and elevate your entire love life and your social circle. You will meet creative and spiritual friends such as sensitive artists, writers, musicians, dancers and astrologers. Spiritual connection in love will become very important in and for the next 14 years.

Regardless of sexual and financial chemistry, the relationship will not last unless there is this more mystical connection. Of course, this will be big news for you, who always tend to see the more practical side of things.

You will begin to realize that a marriage is much more than the physical, practical and earthly matter. That more than being here together, there are two people walking the same spiritual path. The hardest side of Neptune to deal with is that he is the king of the occult. There will be many undisclosed things that will need a lot of sensitivity to find out. You must be careful because what you see on the surface does not necessarily correspond to reality. So take it easy on love.

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Let the feeling develop and exercise your intuition more. Neptune is also considered the planet of the revelation: it takes the blindfold out of your eyes so you can see what is hidden. If the feeling is real, it will survive these things. If not, the relationship will probably end.

Love horoscope for Virgo

By , Uranus will occupy your eighth house and this indicates plenty of sexual experiences. That is, you will feel like you are throwing away all that rigid sex manual, ready to try it all over again. It will be a very pleasurable self-discovery of trial and error until you see what works well for you or not. Anyone who is single and looking for their first marriage is likely to get married or have a stable relationship. Those wishing to marry for the second time will have wonderful opportunities until June 11th.

Those looking for a third marriage should have a year about the same. Singles will find opportunities for love in spiritual places and environments, such as spiritual seminars or meditation retreats, or engaging in charitable or altruistic activities. Mediums, priests and gurus will have important guidance for finding love by As we said, Mars will be the king of the next year.

This planet has an intense energy that puts everybody out and in movement.

Virgo 2020 Love Horoscope

That is why it will be a very social year. Your social life will bring you joy and many opportunities, not only for love but for other aspects as well.

When we want to have a sharper look at our love life, we should check our 7th House. The 7th House is the house responsible for our relationships, love and marriage. In , the 7th House of Virgo will receive Jupiter. Originally, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius.