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What's not good is when people notice you and you're not even aware of it. This is perfect day to make travel plans or to make plans to get future training or education. You might talk to a teacher or professor. Likewise, you might explore avenues in medicine and the law. Later in the day, your appreciation of beauty will be heightened.

Discussions about shared property, inheritances and debt, taxes or insurance issues will be practical today.

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However, by evening, you might want to share your wealth with someone in need. Or instead, you might solicit aid from others to help someone. One can but try.

Pisces Horoscope - Love for December 20,

You will need to go more than halfway when dealing with others today because the Moon is in a sign that is opposite your sign. Practical discussions will take place and they will require your cooperation. Later, you might second-guess yourself - or others - this evening. You will find it easy to isolate yourself and work on any task that you choose to take on today. You want to be productive. You will also be thrifty and careful in whatever you do. Late in the day, this feeling will shift to a dreamy reverie about the possible future success in your job.

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Romance might be strained today because you feel emotionally isolated. That's okay; everyone feels a bit like this today. Practical considerations are prominent in your mind now. By evening however, romance is in the stars and you're wearing rose-coloured glasses! A discussion with an older family member will be productive today. You might establish parameters or the desired structure for something; and you will listen patiently.

Perhaps this conversation is vice versa and someone will listen patiently to you?

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So, all zodiac signs can give themselves the okay to feel negative about the future change if that's the truth. It doesn't mean it will be a bad one, feelings sometimes aren't indicative of what an outcome may be. They are just feelings. Speaking of emotions, Mars in Pisces, which brings energy to our emotions in a strong way, has a final connection to a Sagittarius Sun, too. This can create a sense of fear or anticipation as to what will happen next, but this can also help you to depend upon your intuition to guide you through.

This can bring a desire to talk about work related projects because you want change, or you desire to take something old and outdated and make it new. The Hanged Man tarot card indicates that you may be tempted to keep the status quo, but that's not your style.

With the Moon in Gemini harmonizes with Mars and Neptune in the sign of Pisces, sticking with what you know can be a negative long term plan. It's better to go with what the Ram knows, moving forward even if you don't know where it's headed just yet. Taurus, focus on being realistic. Today's Venus Neptune trine can create some undesirable energies in the area of what you think you want and what you believe you need.

Play it safe. No shopping sprees, in other words, unless you're certain you can handle the bill when it comes in. The Tower tarot card indicates a sudden and unexpected problem or situation that can make things complicated.

Your daily horoscope: December 20

But not if you are on the watch and aware. It's good to stick to your budget. Gemini, be patient. Today, your ruling planet Mercury is aligning with Jupiter in Sagittarius and this can make you want to be bigger than life, or at the very least appear to be. Focus on tangibles when you feel the desire to rise above the noise and compete with finesse. The Temperance tarot card gives you some structure as to what to do when you are going about your day. Think first, then do. Temperance means to contemplate. This comes easily for you. Cancer, your ruling planet, the Moon opens the door to hidden enemies and resources.

You may find something out that you didn't anticipate and want to resolve the matter quickly. Your ruling planet harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of chaos and change, Capricorn. This could mean that a work theme is involved. The Star tarot card reveals that things work out in your favor in the long term as your spirit guides are there to help you. Pray about your decisions and actions and let intuition partner with your intelligence on what to do and when. Leo, it's a day of work and making things happen.

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Remember, we live in a vibrational Universe. Instead, call a spade a spade, and take a break. Lucky number 9. Gemini Daily Career Horoscope. Today be careful about what you eat as your health may not be at its peak. Whether you're at a party, a business meeting or simply standing in line at the grocery store, you'll engage the people around you with your characteristic warmth and vibrancy. Meditate and taste your inner bliss.

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